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This blog on bi/multilingualism in primary and secondary education has grown since it was launched in the last days of 2020, now attracting ~1,000 unique visitors per month.

While 48% of visitors in 2021 (5,751 out of 11,996) came from the U.S., the other 52% came from around the world. I am grateful for your readership and would like to announce an update: a new Table of Contents to make the blog easier to navigate, organized by audience and subject. When I add a new post, I will add it to the ToC.

I have just one request for the new year: that you take a few minutes to share with me where you are and what this blog does for you. You can also use the following QR code:

It should take you to a Padlet that I began this first week of January 2021:

Made with Padlet

Click on the plus sign in the pink circle to add a “Post-it” on your location on the map. Type in a few sentences about what you’ve learned from the blog or how you use it. I hope that at least 10% of the 1,000 people who view this blog each month can let me know what they are using it for… so I can illustrate to my university that the many hours I spend on research communication has an impact on the public. ♡♡♡

Wishing you a healthy, connected, and discourse-aware 2022!


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